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I know. I will post a more detailed map asap

Mabuhay!! This is a pinoy website especially created for the Filipino citizens living in Germany and the rest of Europe.

I have been long playing with the idea to create a website like this but did not really thought about it seriously. Well, not until now. The reason this all started was when I realized that the majority of the people I know in Germany and the rest of Europe have so little knowledge about the Philippines. I always end up telling them things like how beautiful the country is. Most were happy with my answers until one day someone started asking me historical questions. I noticed then that I was not able to satisfactorily answer her questions. So I promised to bring along some printed pages the next week, which I did.

Now I thought that it would be a fine idea to make the research I made available for the Filipinos as well as non-Filipino on the Internet. Voilá!! I dedicate the pages here to all the people who wants to know more about my country and to my "innocent" friends in Germany who know the Philippines only because of the late Ferdinand Marcos and his beloved wife with the 3000 pairs of something...

UPDATE: On behalf of someone, I am searching for a person named: Jessie Borces Jacob.
She is suppose to be living in Germany. A site visitor which is a cousin of hers mailed me asking for assistance. Maybe you know her. Please
contact me if you have information. Thx.

UPDATE: Our very own Bulletin Board!! Installed and configured in 40 minutes. Free of banners and real fresh. Register now and post anything pinoy related or just share your thoughts. There are only 3 Sections for now but I'm sure I will add more according to the members need. If you have a topic that you want to discuss inside a particular section, please send me a message and I will add it. Rules are as usual: No flaming and absolutely no abusive content.

I have just implemented a search script for the website. Try it, I'm sure it will come very handy. The webpoll is for the purpose of knowing from which part of the earth my visitors come from. Just being curious here. There is also a new page where I have linked Filipino related websites as well as private homepages. Check it out and add your own pinoy URL if you have one.

If you were linked directly to this page, don't forget to add this page to your favorite links.

As usual: Any comments and suggestions on how to improve this website are always welcome. Mail it right now before you forget. And while you're at it, please take some time to sign my Guestbook.


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